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Celebrating our 20,000th Website!

Last week we hit a big milestone as a hosting provider: the number of active hosted applications on our platform reached 20,000! Every once in a while we like to recognize accomplishments like these and to celebrate our clients because, although we’re not one of the giants in the industry just yet, each client helps us get there. Keep reading to find out who got free lifetime hosting for launching the 20,000th site!


To be honest, we didn’t expect to reach this milestone just yet - we were projecting this to happen in July or August, but we launched WordPress as a fully integrated product throughout the entire platform in March, which helped us reach this goal a little quicker than anticipated. Active websites on our platform include demo trial sites, websites that have been launched through our CMS in the Classroom program, and clients who have upgraded to one of our hosting & support plans.

About the 20,000th Website

The 20,000th website to join our platform was launched by Clinton Heron from Perth, Western Australia. Clinton is the Senior Marketing Consultant at Think Smart Creative, a full service hybrid business development and marketing organization. The Nedlands Wellness Centre just launched last week and hired Think Smart Creative to manage and execute their to-market strategies. The site is built with WordPress even though Think Smart Creative primarily develops with Joomla. They found the transition of skills from Joomla to WordPress easy enough, they chose for a variety of reasons. According to Clinton,

 the CCP is really intuitive, there is an automated backup that we actually have access to through FTP, there is a great snapshot feature that allows a very quick backup prior to making changes, and restoring site functions happens literally with a click of a button. With you never feel alone and you actually feel like part of the family. If you have a problem or need some assistance with the platform, you know that the team is there as a safety net.

We’re super happy to welcome Clinton and the Nedlands Wellness Centre to our platform.

What it Means

It means you like us, you really like us. And we like you. We appreciate all of those who have visited our newly renovated Cloud Control Panel™(CCP) and tried our platform. The feedback we’ve gotten about our recent platform improvements has been overwhelmingly positive, and we appreciate everyone who has trusted us to provide the best hosting experience possible.

If you haven’t checked out our platform yet, one of the options below will help you experience everything we have to offer. And as always, thank you for choosing!

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