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A Few Thoughts about Technical Support: Support Team Leader at JoomlaDay Poland

A good product and marketing campaign can land a client, but your focus then has to be centered on retaining the client. The key to accomplishing this in the IT industry to provide a high level of technical support for your product or service. This weekend, at JoomlaDay Poland, Derek Snieg (a Support Team Leader) will be leading a session and sharing ideas on how to build the best possible technical support team.

derek poland

More About Derek’s Presentation

Are you an entrepreneur curious about providing great technical support? Are you an end user looking for tips on how to effectively cooperate with a technical support person to troubleshoot your issues quickly and effectively? Derek has been one a highly valued “support guy” for many years now and his insight is as good as gold.

Among other topics, Derek will discuss the following:

  • What to pay attention to when forming your support department
  • How to adequately train your support specialists
  • How to start a conversation with the support guy
  • How to make your support guy love you
  • How to make your support guy hate you
  • Why it pays to be nice to your support guy

Rest assurred that Derek is not only going to Warsaw to talk - he will also be attending many presentations and learning about new topics in our ongoing mission to provide our clients with the highest level of support in the industry.

About JoomlaDay Poland

The third annual JoomlaDay Poland will be held on September 20th & 21st in the center of Warsaw, Poland at the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology. The program of events includes presentations made by experts and practitioners devoted to using Joomla, designing websites, and programming. There will also be conversations about the development of the Joomla community in Poland. Derek and all the event organizers and presenters invite you to attend!

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