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Making the Most of Our Affiliate Program


Our Affiliate Program offers 30% recurring commissions on all hosting product purchases. So, every time your client makes their renewal payment (monthly or annually) for their website, you get a 30% commision! Here are some basic instructions on how to sign up:

1. Activate your Affiliate Account by logging into your CCP and going to “Affiliate” and selecting “Overview” from the drop-down. On the page that opens, click “Activate Affiliate Account”


2. Add an Affiliate Badge to your website by pasting the Source Code into the editor view of either your Page/Widget in WordPress, or Article/Module in Joomla!. You can also paste your Unique Referral Link into any of your “status” areas on Social Media. You can find this link under your Affiliate Overview section previously shown. We can assist you with adding a badge to your site over a Support Ticket, if you are unable to do so and are on our Standard or Business support plan. You can find your source code for different size Badges by going to AffiliateSystem>Affiliate Badges:


3. Once somebody clicks on your Affiliate Badge and signs up for a paid hosting account with us, you start earning!

Here’s a few helpful tips to remember

  • In order for you to get commission from a hosting product, the new account must completely be in your client’s name. This means all of the billing information and the client’s name.
  • Your Affiliate Account must reach $50.00 USD before you are paid out.
  • Affiliate Commissions are paid out out the 18th of each month, and you must have earned that $50.00 USD the previous month.
  • You can be paid out via PayPal, a check, or have funds added to your account to use towards your future invoices.

As always, we are here to help so if you have any questions about our Affiliate Process don’t hesitate to ask.

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