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Project Gutenberg: What it is and Why Wordpress Users Should Care

Currently, Wordpress is the most popular CMS on the web bar none, this is true by leaps and bounds given the fact that it now powers around 30% of the web. Challenges remain for many users new to the platform however, because they are encountering an interface (at least initially) which presents them with an even more complicated picture than the one they face with a static HTML/CSS/JS setup.

After some digging, a new Wordpress user will quickly discover that when building WP pages, a page editor is something which is used quite often for the sake of the quick creation and deployment of websites. Such tools are often bundled alongside premium themes, and allow people build beautiful websites without having to address issues in CSS/JS/PHP nearly as much as they did before. Better yet, the use of CSS especially is quite intuitive in conjunction with a page builder such as WP Bakery or Elementor.

Gutenberg: The Pagebuilder for All

Still, Wordpress wants everyone to be able to enjoy the above mentioned functionality, meaning that they want to provide a free alternative to the paid page builders such as WP Bakery and Elementor. It is worth mentioning however that in this case Gutenberg is still a very new, free option which is supported by Automattic and the users within the Wordpress community, but at present it is not nearly as comprehensive, user-friendly, or effective as WP Bakery. In addition to suffering from the aforementioned shortcomings, Gutenberg also is much more likely to be difficult to receive support for in light of it being a free product.

Regardless of Gutenberg’s initial functionality however, this is an extremely exciting development in that this page builder promises to eventually usher in a new era for people wanting to create websites that do not possess a lot of knowledge in the realm of development and/or design. Suddenly the daunting WP admin page so many new developers are faced with becomes a lot more friendly, even if only in terms of letting everyone know that indeed there are page builders out there…and if one is not suiting your needs another one almost certainly will.

Takeaways from the Gutenberg Giveaway

Ultimately this points to a good future for those utilizing the Wordpress platform in terms of the upcoming functionality and possibility which so many people will now have. The learning curve/barrier to entry will be even lower for website owners, and this means that people who might have felt unable to build web pages before will now be able to do so. And of course a further increase in the number of Wordpress users will (undoubtedly) ensure future support of their products for years to come.

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