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CCP gets a new File Explorer

We proudly welcome “File Explorer”, the latest addition in our Cloud Control Panel. When setting out to create this great feature, we had two goals in mind. It needs to be intuitive and powerful. Our team opted for a zero clutter, minimal layout.. a refreshing contrast to other file managers on the market. 


As with the rest of your Cloud Control Panel, both files and folder icons are touchscreen friendly. When selecting, you click the name to open/modify, and the icon for the options menu.


We have added an editor to the File Explorer as well. Using some javascript fancy-ness we provide the ability to click on various files to preview them in the editor without having to reload the page each time.


To access the File Explorer, simply log into your Cloud Control Panel and select Manage for the site that you would like to administrate. You then select "Server > File Explorer" to access this new feature. Learn more about the features of the CCP File Explorer.

While we are sure you will find this new feature useful, please let us know if there are any additional improvements that you would like to see... our clients remain the #1 inspiration for features and functionality on the CloudAccess.net Platform.

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