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It’s no secret that our team takes client feedback very seriously. Whether it’s an idea for a new feature or time saving improvement, we stand ready to build and innovate to help our clients do more with the CloudAccess.net Platform. Here are a few exciting updates that have taken place recently.


Your Site Replications are Now Faster!

We all know that replications are done with just a few clicks on the CloudAccess.net platform. When a client clicks the replicate button, the “originating site” automagically overwrites the “target site” all behind the scenes. Our Platform Team has now updated this process to reduce the time in which the target site is offline. This was done by moving and extracting the originating site’s files while keeping the target site up and running. Then once the target site’s files are ready, the directories are swapped and the replication is completed. A complicated way of saying that the feature is now better than ever! BTW, this also applies to your backups when you use the “Restore to Alternate Site” function.

Broken Link Checker

That’s right, you can now test for broken links on your website from within your Cloud Control Panel. We decided to build a superior broken link checker from the ground up.. Instead of performing a time consuming on-demand scan of your site like most checkers, our new broken link checker actually tracks your 404 errors as people visit your site. This makes for instant reports that do not require additional scanning. You can find this feature under “Toolkit” a newly created section of CCP (Manage > Application > Toolkit).

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Swap Domain Function

It sounds pretty simple, but the final task when building a site is typically to swap your URL from staging to production. While this was once a daunting task that may have required consulting from our fabulous Support Team - now you will find this is just a click of a button. You can find this new function by selecting “Manage > Domain Name > Swap Domain” in your Cloud Control Panel.


Additional Legacy WordPress Support

For one reason or another many clients prefer to keep their WordPress sites in an older version. We understand that this is necessary sometimes and our team has been working hard to ensure that all of the main CCP functions are still able to properly connect to the site. Just another example of our commitment of building to accommodate our clients needs.

These are just a few of the great new features that are available to our clients. If you have any questions or suggestions on these, feel free to reach out to our Support Team or fill out Feature Request Form.

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