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Dog Days Summer Promo

We are approaching the Dog Days of summer when the sun is scorching, the beaches are calling us, and something’s always sizzlin’ on the grill. Naturally, our furry friends want in on the fun, too! Meet Mika! She wants to drool by the pool and join in on the barbeque action. Help us out by showing her your favorite summertime treats.


How to Play


During the month of July, reply to our posts on Facebook or Twitter with your grilling photos to participate. Alternatively, you can use #DogDaysCA on your own posts to gain entry.

Simply send us photos of your cookout spread and at the end of the month “Mika” will pick her favorite.

What do I Win?

You could win 3 Months of FREE Hosting on our Standard Plan (a $60 value)! This plan includes free site restorations, application support and many more features available at your fingertips.

What if my site is hosted with another provider?

No Problem! We will provide you with a free migration from your current hosting provider to our platform. Our amazing support team will take care of the migration process for you!

When will the winner be chosen?

Contest entries will end at 12am EST August 1st 2017. On August 2nd we will announce our winner. Only one winner will be selected for this offer.

The Winner will then be contacted by us to receive their free hosting offer!

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