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We've always done our best to get great training resources in the hands of users and we're excited to introduce 14 brand spaking new video tutorials helping new users launch and develop a WordPress site. Each tutorial is only a few minutes in length and all 14 tutorials take about 60 minutes to get through. Pause, fast-forward or skip ahead and you'll have your WordPress site up and off the ground in no time.


You can click on the button below to access these tutorials through our knowledgebase, but they've also been embedded in this post for your convenience. One great aspect to these tutorials is that closed captions have been added through our YouTube channel and the video text can be translated into multiple languages. If you've got a suggestion for a WordPress tutorial topic, please let us know. We're always looking to add great new relevant content to our knolwedgebase. 

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Free offers from just keep coming this month. We're excited to announce that through end of 2014 we’re offering free .org domain names, passing some incredible savings along to our clients. If you’re in the market for more of a fun domain name, we’re also offering discounted .rocks domain names. We’ve helped thousands of clients register domain names and we’d love to add your free .org or your discounted .rocks domain name to our network.


We’re proud to have worked with eNom, our parent domain name registrar, for several years now. Because we’ve had such a great relationship with them for so long, eNom is enabling us to make these exclusive offers to clients.

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We’re excited to introduce FREE HOSTING for Joomla and WordPress! It’s simple: launch a FULL VERSION of Joomla or WordPress, build your website, and keep it online indefinitely for FREE. This blog explains why a free hosting option is ideal for open source web development tools like Joomla and WordPress and why we’re making this incredible offer.


A Bit of Background

In 2013 we submitted a proposal in response to an RFP to host, a free, limited option for Joomla hosting. In this proposal we indicated that we were not in favor of offering a limited version of Joomla. When the contract was awarded to another vendor, we started working hard to turn our unique proposal into a reality. The result is a system where anyone can launch a free and fully functional Joomla or WordPress site and keep it online indefinitely.

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Internet Protocol is the set of rules that governs the exchange of information and the way traffic is routed on the web. Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is the next generation Internet communication protocol that provides an identification and location system for devices, computers and networks and will replace IPv4, the current protocol that has many limitations. This blog shines some light on IPv6 and explains the impact on Internet users and how the platform is IPv6 ready.


The Growth of the Internet and the Need for a New Protocol

Originally developed in the 1970s, IPv4 is a cornerstone of the Internet as we know it. It was developed long before anyone could really imagine all of the interconnected devices that we have today. IPv4 allows for approximately 4.3 billion unique IP addresses, which might sound like a lot and certainly was a lot in 1970s standards. Nobody in 1970, however, could have predicted that the Internet would be as popular as it is or that many of us would be walking around with high speed computers in our pockets. With close to 3 billion current Internet users, IPv4 presents some serious limitations.

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Throughout the last few days you may have heard news about the “Bash Bug”, a programming vulnerability posing a threat to Unix-based systems including Linux and Mac OS X. At we’ve done everything in our power to protect our network and our clients against the Bash Bug, but this blog contains some useful information that might help you take additional measures to protect yourself.


What is the Bash Bug?

Bash disrupts a computer or device’s normal operating system by taking control over the command prompt or “shell”, essentially telling the operating system what to do. Bash stands for “Bourne-again shell” and has also been referred to as “Shellshock”. The bug has been around since the 1980s, but has only recently been discovered and exposed as a threat. Without getting too technical, the bug enables outsiders to exploit the security of an affected device, computer or server.

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A good product and marketing campaign can land a client, but your focus then has to be centered on retaining the client. The key to accomplishing this in the IT industry to provide a high level of technical support for your product or service. This weekend, at JoomlaDay Poland, Derek Snieg (a Support Team Leader) will be leading a session and sharing ideas on how to build the best possible technical support team.

derek poland

More About Derek’s Presentation

Are you an entrepreneur curious about providing great technical support? Are you an end user looking for tips on how to effectively cooperate with a technical support person to troubleshoot your issues quickly and effectively? Derek has been one a highly valued “support guy” for many years now and his insight is as good as gold.

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In a recent online security blog post, Google announced positive results from search engine testing that took into account sites that “use secure, encrypted connections.” As a result, they will begin using HTTPS as a signal in their ranking algorithms. This decision encourages site owners to turn on encryption, making sites a lot more secure. In the past, many have been reluctant to make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS because of costs or fears that such a change would slow their page load time. Using today’s cost efficient, high-speed encryption methods, however, these aren't such huge factors anymore, and many site owners are making the change. 

The Purpose of SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, can be defined as a form of encryption that ensures that no information shared online is in plain text format. To be certain customers feel safe while sharing their credit card information and personal information online, websites started using SSL certificates as a solution to hacking, security breaches and data-tampering attempts.

How SSL Encryption Works

The diagram below illustrates the process that occurs when site visitors establish a secure session with a website that has an SSL certificate installed.

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The API puts the power of our entire platform directly into the hands of developers. Using the API, your site visitors will be able to launch a custom application directly from your website. The API is ideal for any type of web service provider and can be easily integrated into any site. The best part is that you can expand the services that you offer, attract new clients and earn a recurring monthly revenue stream.

How the API Works

Let’s say you’re a developer and you have a perfectly designed application including a template or theme that displays each of your extensions or plug-ins including your image rotator, carousel, gallery and accordion. Your clients typically have to install an application, purchase your software, install it, enable it, configure it, test it and more. At best, this process is time-consuming and tedious.

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Whether you’re a versed veteran or new to Joomla, there is an event this week that is sure to provide you with some great information. Joomla! 3 Day is like an online JoomlaDay of sorts, and with a series of 20 sessions across two days, there is definitely something for everyone. We’re excited to be an organizer of the event and even more excited to lead a session introducing our Demo API component, a new platform feature that allows your site visitors to launch custom Joomla applications from your website.


About the Event

With expert Joomla presenters from all over the world, Joomla 3 will be covered from all angles. Each presentation will be approximately 30 - 40 minutes with time for questions and answers.

Read more India team members recently participated in forming the Joomla User Group in Ahmedabad, India. Personally, this was like a dream come true because I’ve been thinking about getting our local Joomla users under one roof for a long time now. We were proud to host the first Ahmedabad JUG meeting at our India office on July 27th where we planned the Joomla! Awareness and Outreach Seminar that was held on August 2nd at the School of Computer Studies at Ahmedabad University.


Forming the Ahmedabad JUG

I first met Gunjan Patel, a software developer at, and realized that we shared a lot of common goals and enthusiasm about growing the Joomla community in Ahmedabad. We shared our previous JoomlaDay experiences, and we set a date to discuss how we could inject some life into our local community. This led to our the first JUG Meeting at our office where my fellow teamsters Larisa Patel, Dhaval Desai and Miraj Ranpura attended along with Gunjan, Mrunal, Akash and Deval.

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