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Readability and Your Website


An 8th Grade Level Doesn’t Mean „8th Graders Only”
(8th-grade level or lower is recommended, but as low as 5th grade makes it more acceptable.)

Have you read that new book about defying gravity? I’ve heard that it’s complicated but impossible to put down.
Whether you’re writing a paper, a blog, or a product description, it’s important to remember who your audience is. There are many tools that you can use to measure your site’s „readability”. Most experts are in agreement: A readability grade of 5-8 is better for the average reader.

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Leverage Browser Caching - What Does It Mean?


„Leveraging browser cache” is when a webmaster has instructed web browsers how their resources should be dealt with. To simplify - specifying which elements on your site should be cached and for how long. For example, any content/images on your site that are static and will not be changed or edited frequently (logos, images, etc..) should be set with an expiration time. This can speed up your site and will increase your page speed score along with possibly increasing your SEO ranking.

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What’s 3rd party in my Joomla site?


Joomla is already a feature rich system but sometimes you may need additional features that are not available in Joomla by default. To extend the capabilities of your Joomla site, you will have to install third party tools which are referred as ‘Extensions’. Extensions include plugins, components, modules, templates and languages.

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Do Search Engines Care about Grammar?


Good question! Learn more in our blog post

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WordCamp Minneapolis!


This past weekend two of our team members, Danielle and Jonathan attended WordCamp Minneapolis. The event was well organized, there were many other sponsors, and loads of attendees eager to learn! They were instantly welcomed to the conference as they arrived at the speaker/sponsor networking event. As part of networking, they played a game of giant WordCamp Jenga which was riveting, to say the least!

The first day of the conference was in full swing bright and early with lines out the door. Our team setup the booth as quickly as possible before the 300+ event attendees began rolling through.

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Why connect your site to Google Analytics?


Google Analytics (GA) is a great tool offered by Google that provides comprehensive statistics about things that are happening on your website. You can use data from Google Analytics for many things including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. GA is available to anyone with a Google account. Below you will find few reasons why you should connect your website to Google Analytics.

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Extend your vacation with

Here at we care about our customers and that’s why we want to extend your vacation. During the month of August we are giving away free hosting with every new annual plan.

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Top 5 Google Analytics functions that you need to know


You don’t need to be an analytics expert to gain important knowledge from Google Analytics. Here are 5 important functions that you should know about.

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Dog Days Summer Promo


We are approaching the Dog Days of summer when the sun is scorching, the beaches are calling us, and something’s always sizzlin’ on the grill. Naturally, our furry friends want in on the fun, too! Meet Mika! She wants to drool by the pool and join in on the barbeque action. Help us out by showing her your favorite summertime treats.

How to Play

During the month of July, reply to our posts on Facebook or Twitter with your grilling photos to participate. Alternatively, you can use #DogDaysCA on your own posts to gain entry.

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Help, my site doesn’t look like the template demo?!?


How many times has this happened to you? You finally find a template or theme that you like and you see they have a demo package (also called a quickstart package) that will let you ‚make your site look like their demo’. So, you download the zip file and try to install it only to get errors during the installation. Errors like: Cannot find the XML file or something similar basically telling you that the installation has failed. Does this sound familiar?

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