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Replicate my world!

You asked and we listened! We're happy to announce that our extremely popular Site Replication Feature is now available for everyone, including Free Site users!


What exactly does this feature do?

It's very simple! It creates an exact copy of your site and reproduces it on another site.You don't need to worry about creating a backup and then restoring it; this feature does everything for you automatically.

How does this feature help me develop my sites?

You can easily create and synchronize a separate a copy of your site for testing or development. Whenever you want to test something, you will be able to do so without disrupting your main "production" site. You may also want to use one of your sites as a template for creating new sites for your clients. In this scenario, you can replicate your template site and begin crafting a new one right away.

Do I have to pay for it?

That's really up to you. Now you can replicate to a Free Site with one of our free subdomains without any charge. If you want to use your own domain name or need additional resources, you will be able to replicate to a $5 or $3 site based on your SLA plan with us. You will also be able to upgrade the Free Site to a paid site anytime you need to.

What are the limitations for Free Site replications?

We provide a limited amount of disc space for our Free Sites. In order to use this feature, your site has to have a maximum capacity of 450MB. For paid sites, we do not have any limitations.

For the detailed instructions of usage, please visit this link.

Wordpress memory limits
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