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An Exciting Glimpse at the New launch.joomla.org


We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of launch.joomla.org, a new system that merges Joomla.com and demo.joomla.org into one area where you can spin up free, fully functional Joomla websites (including FTP and PHPMyAdmin). The only limitations imposed will be subdomain usage and 500MB disk space, which can be overcome by upgrading to a paid plan starting from just $5/mo.

Full Joomla, Without Limitations

Whether you are creating a proof of concept for your next large-scale web project, or testing and bug fixing the latest features, Joomla’s functionality will not be limited on sites provisioned through launch.joomla.org.

MySQL and FTP Access

From time to time everyone needs to open up PHPMyAdmin or FTP for one reason or another. The new launch.joomla.org will make these tools available for those who need them.

Beta Testing

Of course you will always see the latest stable release available on launch.joomla.org, but that’s not all. You will also have the option to instantly launch and test Alpha, Beta and RC releases… go ahead, we dare you to break them. Just be sure to submit your bug reports to issues.joomla.org!

Community Involvement

You won’t find lines of code at the core of Joomla. Instead, you will find a thriving community of contributors from around the world. Throughout launch.joomla.org, you will find encouragement to contribute and give back to the project.

Here at CloudAccess.net, our Joomla roots run deep. We believe strongly in the success of Joomla and the new launch.joomla.org system. Over time, our team vows to continually build and improve the system based on community feedback. Our goal is simple, to make launch.joomla.org the go-to place for Joomla users to prototype, build and test.

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