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How SEO will change in 2020?

Recently we've discussed some changes that will happen this year in the field of Search Engine Optimization. If you were thinking that voice search and zero-click searches will turn your world around – you're right. But guess what: this is not over… More changes are coming and we are here to talk about them!  

Optimize your website for mobile devices 

As you probably remember from our previous post, more than 30% of smartphone users worldwide use voice technology at least once a week. What does it mean for your website? If it's not optimized for mobile devices, it will not be served by Google in search results. In order to check whether your site is mobile friendly, Google created a simple Mobile-Friendly test. If your site doesn't pass it, some simple adjustments probably will solve your problems. For CMS users: try switching to a more flexible layout that will allow you to reconfigure your website to different screen sizes. There are couple of rules how to effectively create mobile-friendly content on your site. The most important thing is keeping paragraphs skort, adding headers and bullets lists to your text. And remember: quality over quantity!

Build your brand

Since 2018 and a major Google algorithm update nicknamed as „the medic update", if you want to rank well, you need to take care of your brand by building its expertise, authority and trustworthiness. Sounds familiar? Yes, it's E.A.T., a new name for what every high-quality page needs! One of the big factors in Google'a algorithm you'll need to think about is brand queries.

When someone searches your brand name, you need to make sure that most or - better - all of the first page is made of your own links. Building a brand is not easy and fast, but it's definitely worth all the work. With the help of social media, podcasts, marketing and high-quality content soon you'll give Google more brand links to index.

No reason to worry!

After reading about all of these SEO changes you're probably a bit worried. Don't be! Think about all things that need to be changed and then plan what to do. It will take 2-5 month before you see real results but it's all worth it!
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