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How to make your website more attractive?

 More than 70% of visitors after leaving your website will never come back. How to change it? Make your website more attractive to potential clients!

We live in the era of coronavirus and many things have changed. More people are working and shopping from their homes. In 2018 about 1.8 billion people worldwide purchased goods online and global e-retail sales amounted to $2.8 trillion. Global fashion e-commerce revenue in April 2020 was on average 21% higher than it was in April 2019 and these numbers will be higher next month. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of people who buy online is rapidly growing thus it's no surprise that more and more companies are choosing to go online. But what to do to be more attractive for potential new clients? For starters, think about creating a great, overload-free home page, a welcome mat and a recognizable logo.

Overloaded home page? It's not a problem anymore! 

If you think that adding an enormous amount of texts and graphics to your home page will make it more attractive to your potential clients, you're unfortunately wrong. You must remember that the home page makes a first impression so the design of your website is very important. The crucial thing is to find a template that will suit your needs and then customize it. By simply changing the colors, buttons or fonts your website will be unique and will stand out from the competition. A website should be never designed at random!

Say „yes" to a welcome mat 

Why do you need a welcome mat? The answer is simple: to boost your conversions. More than 70% of visitors will leave your website and never come back. You can change this by converting them into an email subscribers or your clients. How to do that? It's very simple: create an eye-catching and appealing welcome mat! To effectively encourage people to sign up to your subscription list, offer them a discount code or even a freebie. A welcome mat can also be used to display info about flash sales, attractive deals and other announcements.

No logo? Bad idea! 

 Do you think that creating a logo is a waste of time or money? Then you should change your mind. Did you know that human brain can process images 60,000 times faster than words? It means that the first thing that your potential clients see is your logo. Second of all, a well designed logo means success. People like to buy from brands familiar to them thus most of your customers will buy your new product just because they already know your company. Lastly, it grabs attention and makes a strong first impression.

Last but not least: a dependable web hosting provider 

While visual aspects of your website are crucial in the process of acquiring new customers, you should also think about the web host. Bare in mind that choosing the right hosting provider will have a direct impact on user experience. CloudAccess.net enters here. Our platform is built and optimized for Joomla Hosting and WordPress Hosting. We offer a bunch of free tutorials and an industry-leading Support Team ready to help clients develop their Joomla and WordPress websites.

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