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Why connect your site to Google Analytics?


Google Analytics (GA) is a great tool offered by Google that provides comprehensive statistics about things that are happening on your website. You can use data from Google Analytics for many things including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. GA is available to anyone with a Google account. Below you will find few reasons why you should connect your website to Google Analytics.

Tool that is easy to use

If you’re new to Google Analytics you won’t have any problems with using it. Basic functions are easy to find thanks to the navigation structure that hasn’t changed for almost 10 years. The user Interface is nice and clean and the implementation of Google Analytics on your website is relatively easy, especially compared to the tools from other companies.

You can learn about your visitors

Thanks to Google Analytics you can learn many things about your visitors. You will be able to check who is visiting your website, including the visitor’s country, web browser and even their screen resolution. Using only basic functionality you can also see how long users are staying on your site, what device they are using to browse it, identify which pages and links they are clicking the most and how they found your website.

You’ll be able to fine tune your website

Using the data mentioned above you can tweak your website to make it more functional to the people that are visiting it. For example, if the percentage of visitors that use mobile devices to browse your website is high, you can use that knowledge and consider making your site mobile friendly and potentially make it more attractive to that specific group of visitors.

Real-time tracking

One of the coolest features in Google Analytics is real-time tracking. With that tool you can see how many people are visiting your site in real-time and what they are doing on your site. Including how many users are viewing a specific subpage, the location they came from, and traffic sources.

Many tutorials available online

Because of the popularity of Google Analytics, the internet is full of tutorials that will help you understand Analytics even better. Google also provides all kinds of tutorials about it’s tool including well-written documentation and a free YouTube video series.

Free to use

It might be hard to believe, but all of that great functionality is free! Google won’t charge you a dime for using Analytics on your website.

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