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5 Best SEO plugins for Joomla

When creating a website, we want to our site become the most populated one. In order to achieve this, we need to make sure that our site optimize well. Joomla, one of the most popular engines for building sites, is great with SEO. It doesn't duplicate content, is easy and user-friendly. Despite all of that, as every other script, it needs some help and that help is provided by special SEO extensions. There are many great SEO extensions for Joomla which help with optimization in search engines. Which are the best of the best? Let's have a look!


SH404SEF was published for the first time in 2007 and since then, it became one of the most downloaded extension of all time. The biggest advantage fo this extension is that it helps with every search engine problem known in Joomla. This extension is probably the most popular SEO extension for this CMS. It supports all Joomla versions and it comes with very many useful SEO features like input form spamming protection, automating tinyURL generation, search engine friendly URL suggestion, universal support for Google Analytics and many, many more.

There is no free version. Full, paid version costs 44$ for a year.

Google Keyword Planner is a completely free plugin from Google company. And who should know most about what people search if not the most popular search engine in the world? The main purpose of Google Keyword Planner is to analyze keywords and show to advertisers which words will work best for their campaign. By using this helpful tool you can for instance get your own keyword ideas, read some analytical data about specific words or you see which phrases are most popular.

EFSEO is a popular SEO extension that enables you to control all the metadata manually or automatically. It consists of a backend component and a system plugin. This tool is user-friendly and all features are developed perfectly. Using EFSEO you can easily edit backend and frontend, set limit character metadata and many more. Additionally, it supports not only English, but also Geman language.

Easy Frontend SEO is a completely free extension but you can buy a special subscription (100 Euro for a year) or donate to support the authors (20 Euro for a month).

JSitemap a professional tool for indexing and sitemaps management. It's built on the shoulders of Google and thanks to that, it has some nice features such like possibility to generate different types of sitemap in order to gain a higher SEO performance for site, htaccess and robots.txt editor and many more. Its user-friendly interface will help you quickly learn how to increase the number of links indexed by Google up to 400% after which your site will be much more visible. JSitemap will help you to submit, resubmit or deleter sidemaps, but also monitor and fix crawl errors directly inside your Joomla backend.

JSitemap has no free version. Paid version costs 49 Euro.

Tag Meta is a great SEO tool when managing the entire site's meta information. It's the only extension which supports not only a title or description, but many other types of metadata. A very important advantage of this tool which saves a lot of time is the matching rule option for automatic generating system detail to synonym keyword. Thanks to this extension you can also manage all the metadata information from a single control panel.

Tag Meta has two versions, free and paid for 9 Euro. If you decide to pay 9 Euro you will get access to features which are not available in free version, such as possibility to remove duplicated entries from keywords, configurable list of keywords to exclude from auto keywords generation and many more.

These plugins are only part of the equation! 

These all plugins are great but do you know what else is great? Keeping all your plugins up-to-date all the time! In order to help you with that, proudly presents a new, simple tool, Smart Updater. It automatically creates a restore point for you, compares the website before and after the update, and helps you roll back the update if something goes wrong. Don't waste your time on updating – we got your back!

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