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Why you need to update your CMS right now

CMS, a shortcut for content management system, is a software application that allows to create and maintain a website. And like any other software application your CMS is also vulnerable to hacker attacks. Whether you use WordPress, Joomla or any other CMS, it's worth to click on the „update" button as soon as you see it. Before you ask „why?" here's the 5 reasons why updating is so important.

1. Protection against hacker attacks

If you still believe that your site is safe and hacker attacks mostly happens in action movies you are wrong. Eliminating any loopholes in the program code and providing protection to users are one of the many tasks of CMS developers. When they identify and fix the problem, a new upgraded version is released. Regardless of what product you use, you can never be 100% sure that it is completely safe. Unfortunately, it is only a matter of time when someone will find that your site is vulnerable and exploit it or, in the worst case scenario, damage it. That is why it is very important to upgrade your CMS on time.

2. Technical issues / Bugs

Even experienced programmers and developers make "mistakes" that not only immediately, but only in certain conditions or in combination with other modules cause various problems. Such problems can lead to broken functionality on the site which is a serious problem to every web editors and users. Fortunately, all problems can be resolved through a simple update.

3. CMS is never perfect

There are no perfect people and there are also no perfect Content Management Systems. Each CMS is composed of many modules that must be constantly improved and optimized. Any digital product is like a flowing river and it always brings something new. That is why when new standards are developed, a new solution must also be found. Every CMS is constantly under development and a new update means new features and enhanced functionality.

4. Cost

​Time is money. Benjamin Franklin knew this already in 1748 when he wrote an essay title „Advice to a young tradesman". Be like Mr. Franklin, save the money and update your CMS! It is much easier and cheaper to update your CMS than to restore or completely re-create the website. Especially with tool like Smart Updater. Remember, that the longer you wait yo upgrade your system, the more expensive and difficult it is going to be.

5. Site stability

Not only your CMS is constantly developing but also a whole lot of third-party systems. Even if you stop updating your system, other companies will upgrade their products and you will find out this someday in the most brutal way: your site will become out-of-date. This will result in many problems such as outdated page structure, code and formatting issues.

Fully automated updates at your service!

Updating your CMS might be a pain sometime, but you gotta do it to keep your website secure. Still, it's time and effort that could be spent elsewhere. That's where Smart Updater comes in: it automatically creates a restore point for you, compares the website before and after the update, and helps you roll back the update if something goes wrong. Yeah, it's that easy. Check out what Smart Updater can do for you.
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