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What is Joomla?

Joomla was released in 2005 and since then it became one of the most popular CMS of all time. Thanks to that it's a completely free open source supported by volunteers from around the world, it quickly gained a big number of satisfied users. But what makes it so popular?

Open Source at its best

As we mentioned before, Joomla is completely free and supported by many volunteers from around the world. It means that Joomla is international and you can build websites not only in English, but also in various other languages. The list is huge! Thanks to volunteers, this CMS is constantly being improved. They code and maintain Joomla for free, donating their time, skills and knowledge. Volunteers also will happily help you with any issue you are having.

Another big advantage of Joomla's having an open source infrastructure is that developers from around the world can write new extensions for it. And the number of extensions is as high as 6000! When building your site, you can easily use any of them to add the functionality you're looking for. It's worth also to add that the Joomla Extensions Directory (known as JED) is often meticulously checked and all extensions that are not working correctly are removed.

Easy and convenient

You have basic computer skills? No worries! Joomla is very user friendly! Performing any action is easy, convenient and additionally you don't need to put a great effort into it. Joomla has also admin interface which is very simple to understand and navigate. Many basic features come built into the platform so you don't need to install anything at the beginning of your work. Joomla is also a great CMS for e-Commerce and more complex websites with a lot of data and content. You are wondering how Joomla cope with search engine optimization? Thanks to its in-built SEO settings and options conversion and ranking of your website will boost.

Security is a important factor

It's worth to mention that Joomla is a very secure CMS. It comes with options to enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and to force SSL connections for your website. Joomla also provides some extra security extensions so if you want to feel even more safe, go for it.

Joomla is a very popular CMS all over the world mainly because it's very simple in use, flexible and with a whole community of people who can help you with any problem. It requires no special skills and minimal effort to engineer it. 

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