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What is WordPress?

If you plan to create a new website there is a big chance that you will hit the name WordPress. Why you ask? Because WordPress is used by more than 60 million websites and since it was firstly released in 2003 it became one of the most popular CMS of all time. This powerful website builder which started as a blogging tool, is user friendly, flexible, free and constantly being improved. 

Friendly User Interface

You don't need to be a computer geek to work with WordPress. Even a person with basic computer skills should quickly learn how to build a website using this CMS. Most of first users of WordPress are neither designers nor programmers. What makes this tool easy to work with, is a massive number of free website templates (themes) and helpful plugins. Whether you need a new website for your shoe store, a personal blog or bakery WordPress has an offer of multiple options for you. With the help of hundreds of plugins you can easily add many features to your page, such as galleries, shopping carts, contact form and many, many more. Another feature which makes publishing content more easy is a „built in" blog. It allows you to publish anything you want by using various devices. This way you can add some updates or announcements to your site at any time. 

Higher rank in search results

WordPress is very popular also from different, very important reason. WordPress websites tend to rank high for their keywords, which means that your site will have a great visibility in web. It will happen because you can work with many tools and plugins for optimizing content for SEO. Another thing which is also a factor in Google ranking is mobile responsiveness. With such a variety of different theme designs you will easy find the right one which will look amazing on every device. You want to add some different media types to your site? No problem! WordPress can handle with any type of media, such as images, audio or video files. You can easily embed YouTube videos, Tweets, Instagram photos or Soundcloud audio by simply pasting the URL into the WordPress post editor.

Big community behind it

At least but not last, when you decide to work with WordPress you enter a whole Community. WordPress is completely free and open source, hence if you need help you can count on other members of this fast-growing community from around the world. You can participate in WP camps, support the growth of local user groups or just help in keeping the WordPress updated and secure.

To sum up, WordPress is free, user friendly and offers a wide variety of themes, plugins and tools. You don't need to be a computer geek to know what to do, because a massive WP community will happily help you. 

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